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Online FOREX trading

How it works with FxRepublic.com. In the last decade, the Forex market is no longer the reserved territory only for big trading players thanks to the web. It is now accessible to anyone with a computer and several hundred dollars to invest.

How is trading on the FOREX market?

On the FOREX market, currencies are exchanged versus one other. The main and most important thing in this type of trade is the exchange rate of the two currencies. You’ve probably seen it at least once in the news:

How to Make Money on the FOREX Market

Signals on How it works. | Here’s an example of what a FOREX Trading deal is: You decide to buy 2 000 euros for dollars. The EUR/USD exchange rate you can buy at the moment is 1.4511 and you pay $ 2,451. Ten days later, the EUR/USD exchange rate at which you can sell is 1.5511 and you will receive $ 2,551. Starting $ 2,451, you already have $ 2,551, which means you have made a profit of $ 200.

How to Make Your First Forex Trade

To do so, you need to register and open a free demo account. You get virtual $5,000 to train. Then you choose a currency pair (eg GBP/USD), enter a lot size to trade, press BUY and that’s all. You just made your first deal by trade buying GBP/USD. In this case, you will win if the GBP rises versus the dollar. You can keep this position open as long as you like.